Advancing Cancer Research With CPRIT's 3 Programs

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Grace Carrell, MMB and Business Development Associate II at Proxima Clinical Research is here with all you need to know about the 3 programs within CPRIT (Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas), a funding resource for oncology biotech companies. Watch to learn more!

Watch Grace from Proxima Clinical Research review the 3 programs within CPRIT (Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas). CPRIT is a multifaceted funding source located in Texas, offering grants for Product Development Research, Preventative Care programs, and Academic Research for oncology startups and services. Thank you for watching!

Can't watch right now and rather read a quick summary? Here is a recap of what Grace shares in the video:

Hi, Grace here from the team at Proxima Clinical Research...

Today, we’re going to walk through a great funding resource for oncology development companies called the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas, also known as CPRIT. We’ll cover what CPRIT is and the main benefits for applying to this program for an oncology startup.

So, what exactly is CPRIT? Well, it’s a multifaceted funding source located in Texas that helps oncology startups and services by offering grants for product development research, academic research, and preventative care programs.

There are three different programs within CPRIT that help startups grow though grant funding.

  1. First up is the Product Development Research Program, which finances start-up businesses and projects that showcase groundbreaking products or technologies for people with cancer. CPRIT grants for R&D can be used to support studies that establish preclinical proof of concept, product validation, design, and clinical studies demonstrating safety and efficacy.
  1. Next, there’s the Academic Research Program, which funds underfunded areas of cancer research such as early detection research, computational biology, childhood cancers, and hepatocellular cancers. One of its program highlights includes the CPRIT Scholars grant, which allows for the recruitment of world-class scientists to Texas universities.
  1. Finally, the Prevention Program is where CPRIT funds data-driven prevention interventions and early detection methods for all cancer types by investing in technologies and services across the state.  

It’s important to know that there are certain ways you can and can’t use the CPRIT grant money once it’s been approved and knowing what the allowable costs are is part of the process. Working with an oncology experienced CRO, like Proxima, is vital to understanding the limits for each CPRIT grant contract. See the difference an agile CRO team can make by visiting us at  

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