Cancer Is Constantly Evolving

And So Are We
Next-gen therapies require a new direction in the way clinical trials are conducted, creating a new and separate set of pressures to execute early phase trials effectively.

The traditional approach falls short, especially when less than 3% of oncology  patients participate in a clinical trial, and 82% of studies fail to meet milestones.

Influence, education, and agility are more valuable now than ever before. Your success depends on choosing the right partner, and that’s where we step in.
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A track record of success with emerging companies
60 Years of Experience, over 200 clinical trials, 25+ FDA approved drugs
We specialize in bringing next-gen therapies from idea to market. Our clinical knowledge allows us to successfully execute trials across multiple solid and liquid tumor indications.  Our experience with community oncology and academic sites will help you find the right patient at the right time. Our expertise also extends to regulatory submission — we can help author, review, and file your IND.
At Proxima— we pride ourselves on getting clients to every milestone while staying on budget.
No Better Place For Oncology R&D
Texas offers oncology funding opportunities unavailable elsewhere.

CPRIT (The Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas) creates and supports infrastructure that accelerates the commercialization of new cancer drugs, diagnostics, and therapies.

With over $3B dollars in funding and over 1,500 awards and counting, it is the second largest grant funding organization outside of the National Institutes of Health.

Find out how we can help advance your mission with CPRIT.
Stephanie Mull
Sr. Director of Clinical Operations
Our team understands the unique needs of a successful oncology trial and how to navigate them, but most importantly, we never lose sight of the potential to ease the suffering of patients in need.
"The field of oncology is always evolving and regularly sharpening our understanding of human physiology. Armed with this new knowledge, developing therapies in oncology are stepping away from the general toxins of the past. New therapies are designed to target cancer cells and utilize the natural systems within the body, like the immune system, to achieve longer remissions of diseases that would have been fatal a decade ago."
Precise  Execution
Delivers Innovation
The oncology landscape has changed drastically in the last 20 years— especially with the emergence of gene-editing and a newfound focus on the roles of immunotherapy.  

Progress is happening in real-time.

We recognize that the biggest drivers of innovation aren’t big-name companies. It’s smaller, emerging companies like yours spearheading this new wave in breakthrough development. We understand the challenges emerging companies face, but we’re always a step ahead, solution in hand.  
From finding the first patient in to follow up and tracking the last patient out—
we’re here for you.
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