December 29, 2021

Kevin Coker: Three Tips For New Entrepreneurs To Build Investor Excitement Without Lying

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Kevin Coker discusses the three main tips for new entrepreneurs to build investor excitement without lying in Forbes Business Council.

Kevin Coker, co-founder and CEO of Proxima Clinical Research knows from experience that, "In business, the thrill of generating the idea, the novelty and energy that exists in the potential of the idea, especially in the early days, and the image of helping others, changing an industry, forming a new piece of the world and obtaining the funding to do so, can sometimes motivate even the best of us to, perhaps, stretch the truth — just a little bit — while sharing the excitement of the vision and the proof behind the concept in an attempt to obtain funding."

Getting investors to buy into your vision as a rising drug, device and diagnostic company is pivotal to your growth - but this excitement can lead to inaccuracies in statements, or outright lies.

It is illegal to lie to investors and can destroy your reputation - but learn these three tips on how to share excitement with investors and help your company continue to grow.

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