DxPx US 2022

July 28, 2022

July 26th-July 28thm 2022

Chicago, Illinois

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About the Event

DxPx is the World Series of Industry & Investor Partnering Conferences...

On Diagnostics, Digital Health, Precision Medicine & Life Science Tools

Proxima CRO will be attending the DxPx conference in Chicago, Illinois this year. It's a 3-day in-person conference from July 26th - July 28th, 2022.

We're looking forward to:

  • Networking with over 40 startups companies
  • Meeting 150 MedTech investors
  • Learning from 30+ MedTech and life science industry speakers

More About DxPx US

We hosted the DxPx US 2021 virtually due to the pandemic, and now we’re going next level by being finally in the flesh in the US! It’s always a better idea to experience networking and partnering face-to-face, anyway.

The founders of DxPx are all startup entrepreneurs and former industry executives who had the idea for this conference after having attended numerous partnering events where the vast majority of participants and investors were focused on pharma, biotech, and drug screening opportunities.

With the gaining importance of diagnostics, digital health, precision medicine, and life science tools, there‘s a need for a dedicated platform to bring together the relevant stakeholders and further drive our industries.

Together with the support of our sponsors DxPx is hosted as an annual international partnering conference to facilitate licensing, financing, co-development, and M&A opportunities and celebrates great success and fast growth.

Learn more about the event program and startup companies, here.

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