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Christa Elliot currently serves as the Finance Manager at Proxima Clinical Research, a contract research organization that serves the emerging drug and medical device industries. 

Christa began her 15-year accounting career in oil & gas in Houston, Texas. In 2016, she joined a Houston-based CRO and learned every aspect of the inner workings of the industry.

With a passion for problem solving and unyielding attention to detail, Christa consistently strives to implement cost effective and time efficient improvements in both the accounting and operational processes. With the creation of simple to complex templates, Christa helps streamline the often tedious accounting workflows bringing in time saving and error reducing automation.

In her free time, Christa enjoys gardening and growing her own vegetables and fruits. She also loves traveling with her family and attending live concerts and music festivals. An avid game show and trivia lover, she never misses an episode of Wheel of Fortune and vows to one day appear on televisions across the country going for the grand prize!  

Positions and Honors:

Proxima Clinical Research, Inc., Houston, Texas
Finance Manager

Ergomed (MedSource), Houston, Texas
Finance Manager

MedSource, Houston, Texas
Sr. Finance Specialist

Finance Specialist

Evergreen Tank Solutions, Houston, Texas
Credit & Collections Assistant – A/R

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Houston, TX
Fun Fact:
I'm an avid game show and trivia lover. I never miss an episode of Wheel of Fortune and vow to one day appear on televisions across the country going for the grand prize.
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