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Proxima CRO Clinical Solutions
At Proxima, we know that you’ve put all your blood, sweat, and tears into your company. We get that you don’t have time for the traditionally slow timelines and clunky processes that often accompany large CROs.  

We’re taking the experience and solutions found in those larger companies and fine-tuning them to meet the needs (and timelines) of your emerging company. Our clinical trial solutions are tailored for you, instead of the other way around.  

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, why shouldn’t your CRO be the same? Let Proxima take the selection process stress off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best.
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Project Management
Clinical monitoring
Data management
genetic sequencing
project management
We utilize agile project management.
We utilize a project management style that incorporates agile project methodology, originally developed for the software industry, resulting in a process that is efficient and painless.

Agile Project Management allows for responding to issues quickly. As the project progresses, velocity increases. An agile framework allows changes to be made quickly, which saves resources and accelerates delivery at a lower cost.
We also provide:
Site Management & Clinical Monitoring
We provide multiple options that maximize quality, emphasize speed, and prioritize customer service.
Excellent service stems from truly understanding the customer's expectations and putting the right plan in place to exceed them. Our clinical research associates (CRAs) are of the highest caliber with therapeutic experience in the most active areas of biotech and clinical research.

When an organizational framework properly unites its people, places, and processes by putting the customer at its core, exceptional service becomes possible across customer touch points. Proxima's employees at the front line are empowered to perform.
Our CRAs have:
Our focus is on delivering accurate & clean data quickly.
Our comprehensive data management solutions include:
  • Paper or electronic CRF design
  • Data entry for paper based CRF
  • eDC selection, build, validation, and training
  • Thorough manual and programmatic review of data
  • Adverse event and medication coding
  • Database lock
  • Data transfer
The eDC systems we work with include:
  • ClinCapture
  • Medrio
  • iMedNet
  • Oracle InForm
  • Medidata
  • Bioclinica
Our team has contributed to a significant number of successful marketing applications.
Statistical Services Include:
GENETIC Sequencing
 Next Era of Sequencing for the New Class of Innovators
Proxima is proud to provide the most advanced next-generation sequencing (NGS) services. The NovaSeq sequencer from Illumina is a groundbreaking platform that provides the most cost-efficient, high-throughput sequencing approach for scalable genomic projects.
Proxima CRO Clinical Solutions Genetic Sequencing
We offer support to emerging pharma and biotech companies for:
  • Biomarker discovery & characterization
  • Genomic analysis as part of clinical trial enrollment or procedure
  • Retrospective studies of trial participants, including ancestry & population analysis
Let us make it easy.  We can manage the kit distribution, sequencing, bioinformatics pipelines, and reporting.

Whether you’re a biotech company looking for the latest technology at the best price or a pharmaceutical company looking to reassess samples retrospectively to better characterize responders, we have all the bases covered.
We’ll work with you every step of the way, to manage your milestones.