December 20, 2021

Kevin Coker: Top Five Considerations When Selecting a Contract Research Organisation

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Kevin Coker discusses the top considerations when selecting a CRO in Med-Tech Innovation News.

"Kevin Coker, co-founder and CEO of Proxima Clinical Research provides insight on what is needed to take your medtech, biotech or pharma product from concept to market, quickly.

You’ve just discovered the next generation of technology to diagnose health conditions, provide better patient outcomes, or even save lives. But it’s a long way from where you are today to commercialising your product. Your near future includes finding investors, creating a sales deck and a regulatory pitch, collecting testimonials, achieving milestones, obtaining regulatory approval, refining your stories, building collateral material, conducting clinical trials, and the myriad of details along your journey to bring your innovative idea from concept to market and beyond; and it’s daunting. That’s where CROs come in."

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