December 28, 2022

Part B News: 2023 predictions Glimpsing the future: Legal challenges, COVID rules (again), new codes and more

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Check out Isabella Schmitt's analysis regarding the prediction that practices will be challenged by the differences between CPT guidelines and Medicare rules for facility-based E/M visits

"HIPAA privacy and security is always a concern for the usual reasons, but since the Dobbs decision Isabella Schmitt, director of regulatory affairs at Proxima Clinical Research in Houston, thinks the reproductive health issues that have emerged will lead to cases built on 'privacy regulations around protecting medical data mined from non-medical devices such as cell phones. Today cell phones are used to track medical information and communicate with medical instruments to provide directed care; regulating the flow of that kind of information is crucial to maintaining HIPAA standards involving patient confidentiality and security.' It’s a good time to review your policies on legal surrender of protected health information (PBN 8/15/22)."

Read the full article and expert perspectives on healthcare predictions, here.
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