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Newsletter: Sex sells | January 31, 2020

January 31, 2020
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Gearing up for this Sunday? February 2nd is the single biggest day in American sports. Average spend for every adult in the US is $81 dollars. No link, just fact.
Sex sells

Hey [insert intelligent and good-looking reader’s name here]?

Gearing up for this Sunday?  February 2nd is the single biggest day in American sports. Average spend for every adult in the US is $81 dollars.  No link, just fact.

For those of you less likely to have a fantasy football team you can tune into the other bowl games such as the Puppy Bowl  or Kitten Bowl.  They’re also good fun for those of us sitting with the plan to be on the couch ALL day saying final goodbyes to those New Year’s resolutions.

Parting gifts

Competition ensures winners and losers. Lessons in both winning and losing. There’s more to be learned from a loss, IMHO.

For Founders and CEOs interested in learning from others, CBI insights posts a compilation of startup failure post-mortems by founders and investors across different sectors including tech, medical device and biopharma.

And something for the “winners”?

Money is like oxygen.  Can’t live without it.  Depending on what state you’re located in, could have a big impact on your ability to be successful as an emerging company.  Here are the most active states in the US.

sexsells chart

Source: PwC CB Insights MoneyTree™ Report Q4 2019

For the locals reading this far down, Texas was the eighth hottest state as reported by PwC and CB Insights.

As we said last week, if you’re looking for funds, let us help.  We’re organizing an investor network.  Let us evaluate your clinical and regulatory plan and then make an introduction.

Inquisitive minds want to know

So why a newsletter now?

Thanks for asking.

Well, recently the Pulitzer Prize Board has recognized that podcasts can compete in the new category of Audio Reporting.  Some of ours will surely get a look—for instance, Isabella Schmitt and Jon Speer as they break down EU MDR regulations. (Stay tuned for the next one, about how to navigate advisors).

So out of tremendous foresight (and rabid jealousy, see competition comment above), I penned this newsletter. It’s only a matter of time before this medium gets its just deserts!  Let me know how you like it (or why you don’t).

Awards Sidebar--If you’re a stunt-coordinator looking for an Oscar, you’re SOL.

Latest in the robot takeover


Later this year J&J will showcase a big piece of its strategy by previewing new surgical robots during its Medical Device Business Review Day in New York.  CEO Alex Gorsky says the robots will be a “driving force” in the medtech division.  If you pay $3.4B for the latest toys, you certainly want to show them off.  The Auris bots will look to take on Intuitive Surgical and the Da Vinci operating bots.  May the best bot win.

…and may we learn from the losers.

Shock what?

Last time, we mentioned the FDA is reclassifying certain types of neuromodulation (NM) devices known as Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) devices. The reclass will have a big impact on companies developing or marketing devices aimed at the brain for anxiety, insomnia and depression. Give us a shout if you have questions. BTW--follow us on LinkedIn for all the latest tips.

NM is slated to be THE biggest area in medical device development overshadowing cardiovascular devices over the next 10 years say our friends at Root Analysis.

Noting that, NM isn’t just for the head... I have way too many lead-in puns for the next line. I’ll just let the link speak for itself. [Insert your own witticism].

As you guys know, We Love Innovators.

We want to send a shout-out to Sprout (say that fast three times) for their latest study results, released in The Journal of Sexual Medicine and confirming last year’s revised labeling. Flibanserin, Addyi as it’s commercially known, is FDA-approved for hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in premenopausal women.

Thanks to all my proximites that work so hard to support these emerging companies. You're most appreciated!

See all of you readers again in a couple of weeks.

Very truly yours,


PS, we’re hiring.

Catch us at our next event! We'd love to see you.

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