February 2, 2022

Kevin Coker: Inspired By Another Company’s Product? How To Succeed With A Copycat

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Kevin Coker discusses how to be inspired by another company's product that is similar to yours, by differentiating your solution in Forbes Business Council.

Kevin Coker, co-founder and CEO of Proxima Clinical Research says, "The product has to be differentiated in some way and connect with the user. You can't go out and create a product and think everyone will adopt it just because you have market share in another area; think of Google's EHR, Google Glass or Google+. Your product has to be unique, differentiated and highly desirable. If it's part of a platform, it has to seamlessly integrate as well."

When you differentiate your solution you can hone in on the specific target audience that aligns with the same goals which your business was created to address.

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