September 23, 2022

Kevin Coker In Forbes Business Council: Agility: The Business Model Of Today

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In Forbes Business Council, Kevin Coker, co-founder and CEO of Proxima Clinical Research, shares in a post-pandemic world what there is to be learned from an agile business model, what it is, and why leaders should see their business as a living organism rather than a machine.

Kevin says an agile business model is, "Agility is the ability to move swiftly, efficiently and effectively without losing momentum toward the end goal. An agile business model requires employees to feel skilled and empowered to make decisions quickly and easily without the bottleneck of higher approval. True agility in business requires a combination of trust, empowerment and resources for both proven strategic pathways to success or the safety of experimentation and the freedom to fail without blame, shame or punishment. The focus of an agile business model is forward movement toward the goal with the freedom of flexibility to get there."

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Photo credit: Chelsea Isaac

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