August 1, 2022

10 Best Marvel Shows (& What Fans Think) Contributions From Our Proxima CRO Team

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Julian Lara shares why Marvel's television series, The Punisher, is one of the best Marvel shows ever made.

Julian Lara, co-producer and videographer at Proxima Clinical Research says, "Marvel shows are never better than when they capture the human element. Not just through the experience of the show’s characters, but through the feelings and emotions those experiences can invoke in the viewer. Many Marvel stories successfully portray the common fantasy of the everyman being gifted with great powers, but it’s the grounded tale of a person struggling against humanity, their own and that of others, that makes for the best and relatable viewing."

A fascination with superheroes is in the DNA of the Proxima Clinical Research team. We're a clinical research organization dedicated to bringing innovative MedTech and life science companies through the FDA submission process to market. We truly view our client's technologies as heroic because they help combat sickness and diseases humankind experiences and creating these safely is no easy feat for these founders.

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