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Maureen currently serves as a Clinical Trial Assistant at Proxima Clinical Research, a contract research organization that serves the emerging drug and medical device industries. 

Maureen has experience in clinical research and has worked in multiple positions in her career. Prior to joining Proxima, she worked for a pharmaceutical company focused on men & women's reproductive health. There she was an assistant to the Office Manager & CFO, regulatory & file keeping personnel, and a data analyst.

Maureen attended the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Health.

Positions and Honors:

Proxima Clinical Research, Inc Houston, Texas
Clinical Trial Assistant

Repros Therapeutics, Inc The Woodlands, Texas
Junior Data Analyst

Contributions to Science:

Ms. Halfon has played an important role in the development of the following medical products:

  1. Biopharmaceutical for Endocrinology – Secondary Hypogonadism
  2. Biopharmaceutical for Women’s Reproductive Health – Endometriosis  
Additional Information:
OriginallY From:
Magnolia, TX
Fun Fact:
Maureen has a twin sister; they were born ten minutes apart.
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