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BLOG: Webflow
How to post new blogs, and setup future post dates.
TOOLS & TEMPLATES: Webflow + Hubspot
Step 1: Upload file in Hubspot

(Marketing >> Files >> Downloads (Tools & Templates folder) >> Upload File)

Copy the File's URL (Select file >> Copy URL)
Step 2: Duplicate any of the Tools & Templates forms in Hubspot.

(Marketing >> Lead Capture >> Forms >> Resource Download Forms >> Hover over any form >> Clone >> Name Form same as file or anything else)

In the new form's Settings, change the "thank you" to be the file's copied URL.

(Options >> Redirect to another page >> Paste File's URL).

Step 3: Copy the exported code in the Published form popup in Hubspot
Step 4: In Webflow, create a new Tools & Templates Collection Item.

Go through & add the title & description.

In the Form Embed HTML area: Use the + and add the embed HTML (< >)

Hit Publish! You are done!