Texas A&M University: Biomedical Sciences, B.S.

University of North Carolina: Biomedical and Health Informatics & Public Health Concentration, M.P.S.


Nicole Mathews currently serves as a Regulatory Affairs Associate at Proxima Clinical Research, Inc. Proxima is a contract research organization focused on assisting emerging pharmaceutical and medical device companies in clinical product development.

Prior to joining Proxima, Nicole completed several internships in the fields of pharmaceutical sciences, genetics, and psychology, where she played a critical role in research and development. Nicole has a Master of Professional Science in Biomedical and Health Informatics, with a focus in Public Health, from UNC Chapel Hill and has worked on multiple medical devices from need identification through the FDA submission process.

She has also served in additional regulatory affairs roles in which she created regulatory documents for strategizing the development of software medical devices.

Positions and Honors:

Proxima Clinical Research, Inc., Houston, Texas
Regulatory Affairs Associate

Medkoo Biosciences, Morrisville, North Carolina
Customer/Technical Support Assistant

Advanta Seeds, College Station, Texas
Research and Development Intern

Texas A&M University Department of Visualization and Psychology, College Station, Texas
Undergraduate Research Intern

Contributions to Science:

Ms. Mathews has played an important role in the development of the following medical products:

  1. Medical Device – Software for Depression Intervention
  2. Medical Device – Software for Tumor Simulation
  3. Medical Device – Software for Osteoarthritis Detection
  4. Medical Device – Software for Clinical Risk Assessment
  5. Medical Device – Neonatal Incubator
  6. Medical Device – Vascular Access Catheter
  7. Medical Device – Diagnostic Assay for Opioids
  8. Medical Device – Pre-EUA COVID Diagnostic
  9. Medical Device – Ischemic Stroke Intervention
  10. Medical Device – Vital Sign Monitoring
  11. Medical Device – Diagnostic Genetic Assay for PTSD  
  12. Medical Device – Software for Cognitive Measurements
  13. Wellness Device – Software for Anxiety Intervention

Ms. Mathews has contributed to the following publications:

CHI 2018 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

  • Seo, Jinsil & Copeland, Benjamin & Sungkajun, Annie & Gonzalez, Karla & Mathews, Nicole. (2018). Re-powering Senior Citizens with Interactive Art Making: Case Study with Independent Older Adults. 1-6. 10.1145/3170427.3188476.
Additional Information:

Minor - Psychology, B.S.

Master’s Presentation: “Identifying Language Biomarkers for Depression and Anxiety Among Trauma Patients”

UNC Chapel Hill: Master’s Merit Scholarship Recipient  

Texas A&M University: Cum Laude

OriginallY From:
Houston, Texas
Fun Fact:
Nicole enjoys playing golf and competing in her sand volleyball league.
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