Ohio Northern University: Neuroscience, B.S.


Kyle Dexter is a Clinical Research Associate for Proxima Clinical Research, a contract research organization that serves the emerging drug and medical device industries. 

Over his career, Kyle has served in many different roles within the clinical research space. He served as a clinical research coordinator at two major hospitals in the Cleveland, Ohio area (Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center). During his time at these institutions, he was involved in coordinating clinical trials in the Neurological Institute and Cardiovascular and Vascular Institute. During this time, Kyle also served as the Clinical Regulatory coordinator for the wide scope of trials being conducted in the Cardiovascular and Vascular Institute. Following Kyle’s site level involvement, he served as a Clinical Field Specialist and Clinical Research Coordinator for TriReme Medical. During his time there, he was responsible for device training, device use support, clinical trial support and clinical monitoring. He continued to work in the clinical trial sponsor space for SPR Therapeutics as a Clinical Research Associate, where he provided clinical trial support for two peripheral nerve stimulator trials. Most recently, Kyle has served as a Clinical Research Associate for IQVIA MedTech providing clinical trial support and clinical monitoring for a wide range of clinical trials.  

Kyle received his B.S in Neuroscience from Ohio Northern University where he also served as a Research Assistant under Dr. Philip Zoladz. He has been published in two peer reviewed articles and presented two posters at the 42nd Annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in 2012. The research lab focused on using animal models to investigate the potential correlation between memory loss and stress/PTSD; as well as the correlation between corticosterone response and memory impairment.

Positions and Honors:

Proxima Clinical Research, Inc, Houston, Texas
Clinical Research Associate II

Clinical Research Associate II

SPR Therapeutics, Cleveland, Ohio
Clinical Research Associate

TriReme Medical, US Pleasanton, California
Clinical Field Specialist/Clinical Research Associate

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Clinical Research Coordinator/Clinical Regulatory Specialist

Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio
Clinical Research Coordinator

Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio
Research Assistant – Psychology/Neuroscience

Contributions to Science:

Mr. Dexter has played an important role in the development of the following medical products:

  1. Prospective, multi-center randomized clinical trial of a device as to compare the safety and effectiveness in the treatment of stroke related to large vessel occlusions, 25 Site with 340 Subjects.  
  2. Prospective, multi-center, single-blinded study comparing clinical outcomes for DEB to plain balloon angioplasty in the treatment of coronary artery single-layer stent ISR.  
  3. Randomized, multi-center, prospective, trial to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a paclitaxel Drug Coated Balloon, for use in the treatment of lower limb ischemia. 20 Sites
  4. Pre-market device trial to evaluate the safety and accuracy of scanner test methods compared to the conventional light microscope, 4 Site and 16,000 images.
  5. Pre-market device trial to validate the repeatability and reproducibility of detection of histological features using test methods, 3 Sites and 16,000 images.  
  6. Post-market device trial to evaluate long-term performation and ease of use of a device use to reduce formation of peripheral symptomatic neuromas. 7 Site and 29 subjects.
  7. Prospective, interventional, multi-center, single arm, open-label device trial to treat the symptoms of overactive bladder (OAB) for subjects that have failed first line treatments, 35 Site and 195 subjects.
  8. Peripheral Nerve Stimulation device for pain management
  9. Peripheral Nerve Stimulation device for phantom limb pain in amputees.
  10. Transcarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR) device for Carotid Stent Placement  
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