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Brandon Clements currently serves as the Production Manager and Lead Producer of Podcasts at Proxima Clinical Research, Inc. Proxima is a contract research organization focused on assisting emerging pharmaceutical and medical device companies in clinical product development.

Prior to joining Proxima, he served as a writer and content producer for major Houston publications including Houston Press, Houston Chronicle, and Byline Houston. At Byline Houston, he became the Editor and was responsible for leading a team of writers and coordinating content for daily release. Brandon has produced video content for a diverse set of clients including Volcom, a global skate apparel company, and Reality of Wrestling, Texas’ top independent wrestling promotion owned and operated by WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T.  

Brandon has a deep passion for all aspects of video production, podcasting, and ultimately creating meaningful content that best fits the needs of the subject.

Positions and Honors:

Proxima Clinical Research, Inc., Houston, Texas
Production Manager

Houston Chronicle, Houston, Texas
Freelance Writer

Reality of Wrestling, Texas City, Texas
Production Assistant

Dead Dialect, Houston, Texas

Spidersmart, Houston, Texas
English Tutor

Volcom, Costa Mesa, California
Grand Prize Winner, The First Global Competition

Contributions to Science:
Additional Information:

In 2018, Brandon was selected as a grand prize by Volcom out of 15,000 applicants in their “This First” campaign; designed to find individuals aggressively pursuing their passions. Impressed by his podcasting skills and tenacity, he produced an exclusive limited podcast series entitled, “In Transit”.

OriginallY From:
Los Angeles, CA
Fun Fact:
I've broken both of my arms before. One of those times was during a wrestling match.
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