Texas A&M University: Biomedical Engineering, B.S.


Aryan Abedi currently serves as a Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Associate at Proxima Clinical Research, Inc. Proxima is a contract research organization focused on assisting emerging pharmaceutical and medical device companies in clinical product development.

Prior to joining Proxima, Aryan worked as a Quality Control Intern for Radiomedix where he was responsible for the creation and execution of technical and quality procedures, validation of incoming equipment, and execution of quality testing such as Gamma-ray spec and ICMPS to ensure batch integrity and standards.

Aryan has a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering with a focus in biomaterials and tissue engineering from Texas A&M University. He has worked on the development of surgical medical devices from need identification through the entire development process.

Positions and Honors:

Proxima Clinical Research, Inc., Houston, Texas
Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Associate

Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Intern

Trilliant Surgical, Houston, Texas
R&D Engineer

Nanotheranostics Lab, College Station, Texas
Research Assistant

Lutkenhaus Lab, College Station, Texas
Research Assistant

Contributions to Science:

Mr. Abedi has played an important role in the development of the following medical products:

  1. Medical Device – Orthopedic Surgical Tool  
  2. Medical Device – Ventilator  
  3. Medical Device – IVD for Group B Streptococcus Detection
  4. Medical Device – Infant
  5. Medical Device – Laboratory Robot
  6. Medical Device – Neonatal Incubator
  7. Medical Device – Direct Therapeutic Ultrasound Surgical Tool  
  8. Medical Device – Software for Osteoarthritis Detection
Additional Information:

Dean’s List

Development of Action Potential Stimulator  

Development of ECG Diagnostic Algorithm  

Motion Capture Analysis for detection of orthopedic injuries

OriginallY From:
Houston, TX
Fun Fact:
Aryan's favorite show is The Office.
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